Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Milestones

So it was my BFF's b-day celebration Saturday night and that means Jack's first overnight at Grammy's house. Dropping him off was harder than I thought. It made me sad... another milestone that means the time is flying by and he is getting so big. He smiles at me now but not on command and not all the time. he is starting to gain more head control but still not a ton. He will be 11 weeks old on Thursday. OMG where has the time gone??

He has a cold with a sad little cough now. So I was a bit nervous to leave him even though he is back to acting like himself. I was the most sad or nervous that he would get all bottle feedings of BM and it was like 5 feedings...where he only ever gets one bottle a day. He did end up having a great time but he didn't take the last two feeding fully and I know it is because he missed the breast feedings.

In the end he had a good time and we did too. It was a very needed night out and full night's sleep. Today the big milestone was his first day napping in his crib. He slept so well and I got so much done!!

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