Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bookclub, Baby and Boogers

Alright this post will probably be so super random but I have mush for a brain due to lack of sleep.

I started a book club. I call it "Not your mother's book club" which is ironic because my mom is in it. Hahaha I mainly started it because I miss reading and this will force me back into it. Also socializing doesn't really happen anymore so I invited all my friends. I am planning on us pulling a book from a hat every month after everyone puts in a suggestion. This month and next we are doing Hunger Games Series. We will be making food themed to the book we read the previous month and discussing the book. I am super pumped.

I feel like crap I have a cold and so does baby boy, also he just got his first rounds of shots Friday. :( needless to say I haven't gotten much sleep lately. He is also having trouble getting bubbles and gas out... Does anyone have history using Gripe Water?? Does it work and do you need to check with your Dr before using?

Is there a better way to get his boogies out?? He has a wicked rattle of boogers but they don't suck out well and he HATES it when I do it. Please someone give me the miracle cure LOL.

Well my little guy is 2 months old. I cannot believe it. Time is flying by so fast. I took his 2 month photo with WILMUR his moose. I will put it up later. Gotta go hold the peanut boy.

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