Friday, January 27, 2012

Breast feeding and supply

Well breast feeding is going great now. He feeds well. It is still sore when I latch him and let down but the rest of the feeding is pretty pleasant. I love looking at him while he is nursing and play with his toes and hands. It is such a wonderful feeling to nourish him with just myself. It feels rewarding that my body is doing one thing correctly. But with PCOS it is a real threat to my supply, and I have had yeast issues.

So here is my new daily regiment I am on to support the supply!!!

250mg Grapefruit seed extract 3x a day ( anti infection to keep away yeast infections)

1 prenatal

Metformin ( regulates my sugars and hopefully will keep PCOS from affecting my supply and help with weight loss)

1200mg Lecithin 4x a day ( keeps away clogged ducts and mastitis)

1 acidophilus and biddifus (pro biotic to keep away yeast infections)

100mg b6

2ml More milk special blend 3x a day ( supply booster)

Yes it is a lot and it means remembering multiple pills 4x a day. But it is worth it I have only been doing it 3 days and already have seen a huge difference. My son only gets one bottle a day of breast milk and his poly vitamins ( for preemies) and I BF every feeding otherwise. I also was pumping twice in the morning and as needed in the afternoon... not at all at night and getting possibly 3-4oz all day I pumped once this morning and got 5oz. I just pumped again and got another 2... I feel more full and like I am filling quicker after he feeds. I have less breast pains now too.

I am so lucky to have a good supply since the beginning and the support to stick with it when it got rough.

** Last night was rough he was awake and fussy from 930-130 and I was awake with him. Every time I would get him to sleep and put him down he would wake back up and cry and fuss. I don't know if his tummy was bothering him or what. Today also NOT SO coincidentally
is the first day having my daycare kids back. I am exhausted thank goodness it was only my school aged kid today so I could nap for a bit mid day. NOT. He wouldn't allow that :)

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