Friday, January 13, 2012

Update 6wk postpartum

So I had my 6wk follow up appointment today and I had a long list of questions I wanted answered.
At the top of my list was what was the mass they took from my uterus after delivery. This was a frustrating answer. They don't know... why don't they know? Because is isn't in any reports and they never sent it to pathology with my placenta. I COULD SCREAM. So I have to accept not ever knowing although my Dr suspects it was probably either his twin or a placental calcification.

Moving on to the good things. Breast feeding is getting better and more comfortable everyday. His latch is still painful but his preemie tiny mouth and my large nipples make it impossible to not have that right now. In a few months it should get better. The yeast is gone so they hope. I am staying on the GFS extract for the remainder of breast feeding to keep it away. YAY for no more purple faced baby!!

The other important advice I needed was about what to do about BC and regulation of my weight and PCOS symptoms now. The plan we came up with is to get back on metformin which will help me lose weight and also help keep my supply up. To go forward without any hormone BC and stick with condoms/ barrier method. And see in 4-6 months starting exercise slowly and staying close to my gestational diet ( low carb- high protein) .

I am looking forward to hopefully seeing my body change and go back to before treatment and PCOS days body wise.

Jack is 7lb 6oz this past Wednesday! He is eating well sleeping well. He still eats every three hours. I cannot wait to see a 5-6 hour stretch for my sleep lol.

He is perfect and I am so in love :)

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  1. I'm so glad that the yeast is gone and he's growing away! So, so frustrating that they didn't analyze the mass. Seriously, people!!! Best of luck with getting everything regulated! :)