Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Waiting on call back

I am in so much pain in my left breast. I can't help but cry...nursing is like knives... has anyone ever had mastitis? I have a call into my OB but I am wondering if thats what this is? Advice?

(still using contact sheild to nurse... was trying to wean...have done a few a day without)


  1. Check out this blog post...

    Good luck!

  2. It might be mastitis, but of you are feeling fine otherwise (no fever or chills) you might want to check out if it is thrush or a yeast infection. I had one and it felt very similar. Doctors aren't really good at diagnosing it so you may have to bring it up. I've had matitis and thrush and both stunk. But the thrush has been the bigger pain in my side. Hope you get it resolved soon!!

  3. Never been pregnant but a friend of mine swears by using a little comb (you know the little black ones guys use) and combing your breast starting at the top and ending at the nipple. Do this a bunch (50 +) times and it might help.