Thursday, January 5, 2012


Okay so yesterday it felt like I had shards of glass in my left breast and my nipples were so tender. I fed through it OWWW... and started Gentian Violet last night and Grapefruit seed extract capsuled with citricidal 250mg 3 times daily. Last night was rough. We were also having some feeding troubles. I was still using a contact shield and he would be so frustrated trying to latch hit the shield off and then I would have to put him down and get the shield back on. He would finally latch and suck a few times and fall asleep then i would finally say OK he must be done and pump off the rest and he would start rooting again and I would have to bottle feed him because I just emptied. It was frustrating to say the least with the pain of feeding him being excruciating and having him be hungry still with nothing left.

I finally got an hour of sleep. This morning I went to the Dr and it was feeling a bit better. She said no Mastitis... Yeast infection in both staying on Gentian Violet for 6 more days, and the GFS extract for the entire length of breastfeeding. I am really hoping this clears it up. Now that it is night time again I am getting more sore and tired and hope I can keep up the energy for positive relaxed feedings sans shield tonight. It is always more difficult on no sleep.

Besides all that I am loving finally being a mommy. Jack is so amazing. I don't know what I ever did without him. I am going to go cuddle him now.


  1. I hope it clears up quickly. The first few weeks are always so sleep-deprived and so full of gets easier :)

  2. oh girl, I remember how painful BF was at first. Most painful thing I have ever experienced for sure! It does get better and you're doing great!