Monday, January 23, 2012

1-23-12 Jack's Due Date

How crazy is it that it is my son's due date today. The son I birthed on
12-01-11. He is almost 9 weeks old and he should just be entering the world. I have noticed recently (bringing him around other babies his age) that he is acting just like a real newborn still. He doesn't hold his head up barely has started tracking voices and faces. Doesn't smile or laugh yet. Still sleeps away 22 hours of the day. Still eats every 2-3 hours. He is over 8lbs now I am sure. He is gorgeous as ever.

He is totally attached to me and only cries when he is hungry being changed or wants me to hold him. He sleeps better in my arms than anywhere else. He produces boogers like its his job, and hates the boogie suck, yes that's what I call it.

He is starting to enjoy baths and tummy time.

I reflected a lot today on how lucky we are to have him here healthy. I hate that I also felt sad because he is delayed 2 months and pray he has no other lasting effects from his very premature birth. I also was sad today for the loss of his twin. I hold him and imagine what he or she would look like. Would they look the same or would they favor their fathers looks? I miss my two babies in heaven. I wish I would be able to hold them even once...just to know them and have them feel my love for them. For them to experience the comfort Jack gets from sleeping on my chest. Lots of emotions today.


  1. He looks so sweet! So glad he's doing so well. :)
    And you look fantastic!

  2. Oh, precious! My boss had twins born at 26 weeks, 1.5 and 1.6 lbs, they are small framed (but tall) and wear glasses but that is the only way you would know they were preemies... talk about smart, creative and in every other way caught up to their peers! What a whirlwind of emotions, you were in the NICU much longer than us... but how good it feels to hold our babies and even use the boogie suck:]

  3. He is adorable! I can only imagine all of the emotions that come with such a momentous day. I'm so sorry for your losses, but so happy that he is in your arms!!!