Sunday, January 8, 2012

Growing so fast

Jack is 6lb 14oz now!!! He would be 38 weeks tommorow, he is now 5 and a half weeks old. CRAZY

He enjoyed his swing for the first time today because he is just now big enough for it.
He is doing well nursing and that is the only time my yeast infection shows me pain now. He is latching well it's just that my nipples are so sensative bc of the yeast still. The gentian violet made him look like he is wearing purple lipstick.

I am starting a bookclub!!! So I can see friends and get into reading again. I am so pumped.


  1. Glad things seem to be looking up in the breasfeeding department! I can only imagine how painful that was for you.

    What book are you going to be reading?

  2. I have a purple lip boy here too! Seems to be helping though.... glad your little man is gaining and doing well.