Monday, May 25, 2015


I have been pregnant three times since Jack was born in 2011. They were natural conceptions and the last two ended in early miscarriage. Now we know we need progesterone suppositories right away to help sustain pregnancy. The scary thing is, I have not carried a pregnancy to term ever. Jack's water broke at 30 weeks and every other pregnancy has ended before 8 weeks. I am unsure if it is just needed progesterone or if their are other deficiencies that put my babies at risk.

 As soon as I get good hcg numbers back I will make a high risk appointment to see if their is anything I can do to stay pregnant to term. I am avoiding caffeine, eating as healthy as possible, getting lots of water in every day and napping when I need to. That being said I am a mom of a three and a half year old and in school full time for nursing. I am slacking on my studies this weekend out of sheer distraction and exhaustion, which seems to be my only symptom so far. Not being nauseous or having sore boobs makes me nervous. I am trying to trust and believe in my body and God's hand in my life. 

The milestone of the day was getting a positive digital test. I took a cheapie test Friday and

it was positive. I naturally (haha) went out to get another stick to pee test and it was negative. I comforted myself with the fact that the cheapie reads 25mui and the digital reads 50mui.  Saturday the cheapie test was darker yay!!!!!!! Today I took the other digital and it was....positive!!!!!!! I am finding comfort that my levels must have doubled in 24 hr for it to now be positive. I get blood drawn tomorrow and Thursday to watch levels. 

I am so excited at the thought that my son may actually have a sibling to grow up alongside. I am so happy I may be able to experience this all over again. I am excited for birth and baby kicks and breastfeeding and newborn noises and smells. All of this excitement makes me so anxious and nervous to lose the baby. I am trying to be zen with those feelings and not let stress sit in my body. let the thoughts come and then pass. 

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  1. If it makes you feel better I only had sore boobs with my first pregnancy & not at all with the 2nd two (healthy) pregnancies. I think each time is different, so try not to stress about the symptoms you do or do not have (I know, easier said than done!)