Thursday, May 28, 2015

I got my first beta drawn Tuesday and it was 128. I feel good about that number because mine were always lower than that. I do realize it is still kind of a low beta. I am waiting all day now to hear back on my repeat draw today. I am praying every minute of the day for a healthy growing baby in there.


I have had a metallic taste in the mornings the last couple days and some growing round ligament pain and pain in the breasts but more of a shooting pain not a soreness.

I am eating healthy getting plenty of water in, and resting when I can. I am on 200 mg progesterone suppository per day. I am doing everything I possibly can to sustain this baby. This is pregnancy number 5...I am hoping it is baby number 2.

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  1. How many dpo are you?? That sounds like a great first beta! Praying the number more than doubles!!