Sunday, June 7, 2015

6 weeks 4 days Blessed

My second beta was 375 after 48 hours. That more than doubled. My midwife was happy with that and together we decided to stop blood work there. I became a ball of stress between draws and didn't want that for my body with the baby being in there. I am trying to pray often and visualize progress and healthy growth. My breasts are very sore all the time, I am very tired all the time, and I have had a few nauseous moments. I am taking those all as really good signs. I have had some growing pains and some achiness but no cramps or spotting.

The next step in my process is an ultrasound that they won't do until 8 weeks so 2 weeks to go. I am really anxious for that day to get here. I am feeling like everything is going well, but there of course is some second guessing or nervousness after IF and recurrent pregnancy loss.  I would be absolutely devastated if in 2 weeks my ultrasound does not show a healthy baby with a healthy heartbeat.

I wonder if any of you out there got the growth bloating abdominal discomfort with pants the second time around? I feel like this didn't happen until 12 weeks or so with Jack but I am already slipping into leggings and my preggo pants this time at 6 weeks.

I am a little worried about where I am at with my weight right now. I want to do my 21 day fix workouts but I am paranoid that I will cause a miscarriage. I am trying to eat healthy and failing at times. I am trying to get all my water in and mostly succeeding.

Nursing school is full tilt right now so that is a nice distraction and making the weeks fly. I will try to keep updating as often as possible.

All I can picture is the baby from my dream last year...Is this Miles? Check out my blog post from 7/14.
 I can see a difference.

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  1. Ahh!! I've been waiting for an update!! Praying for a strong heartbeat at your ultrasound!