Wednesday, June 10, 2015


For the most part I have been doing so good controlling myself to be positive in thoughts and speech. This Monday however, I had my first ever anxiety attack. I couldn't catch my breath. I busted out the maternity clothes last weekend and although we haven't told my son the news yet he has been asking for a baby sister all weekend. I think I started feeling this pressure of is this really happening?!? The blood work was three eeks ago and besides symptoms that could be caused by the progesterone I am feeling good. It made me question is there really a baby growing in there? That may sound silly but with my history I am afraid that I am living this life and it will all crash down around me when I see no heartbeat.

That was my fear talking. I have to trust in this baby. I woke up yesterday super nauseous (ask and you shall receive). I also moved up my ultrasound to this Friday. I will be 7wk 2 days.

I need to see my baby with a healthy heartbeat.

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  1. Thinking of you!!! Hoping you see a little bean with a heartbeat at your ultrasound!!