Thursday, September 2, 2010

IUI #2

Okay So today we brought in the sample. 212 million or something like that 63% motility and grade A!!!! Perfect specimen, although I could have done without the DH knowing that haha. And with all my good numbers the RE said this was a very good cycle and he was super positive and optamistic which is how i plan to be til the very last moment of the dreaded 2ww. I bought a themometer to keep track of my morning body temp. I hope this is it. It it hard not to get your hopes up when your RE responds "you wont be going to that" when you ask about his IVF open house in october. So the actual IUI hurt pretty bad the moment he was doing it because apparently i have an angled cervix on top of everything else. So he had to use something to grab and move it so he could get the cathedar in. OUCH. I have my fingers crossed. YOU SHOULD TOO lol.

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