Friday, March 25, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about Kayden the past week, and here are some things I just realized. We already knew we got pregnant just before our 2 year wedding anni. Which we thought at the time was sweet. Then I was thinking how my edd would have been mid may, and I thought holy canoli we have our 10 year anniversary May 12. WIERD... what is that supposed to mean? How am I supposed to feel about not just losing Kayden but having Kayden's dates match up with our important dates....Terrible...unfair...angry...sad.

Well then if the glass was half full..I could look at it like I got pregnant right before our anni last year and maybe I will have the same luck with the upcoming IVF cycle and get pregnant right before our 10 year anni this time... If so I hope it actually results in a real live baby.

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