Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boston Ivf Trip

Hi all!
So we traveled through a snow storm in white out conditions 3.5 hours to get to Boston IVF to meet with the potential DR F, because lets face it people, weve made it this far and always as IFers have to hurry up and wait...this snowstorm wasnt going to stop me and postpone yet another step in our journey to be parents.

SLOW going though to say the least. If you cant see a BIG GREEN Bridge until you are right upon it that pretty much tells you to slow down haha.

We treated ourselves to UNOs pizzaria when we arrived YUmmmmm. Then we had to give a thurough history to an OB/GYN before we went to meet Dr F. So an hour later, litterally, we were brought to his office. He had already read up on our history and my chart. He said "the mass" in my uterus needed to have a special type of sonogram done where they inject saline solution in utero and do an ultrasound to see it clearer diagnose it and figure out if i need surgery to remove it or if it can stay there without effecting a future embie**. All of that testing will be done next week and results next week or the week after. If surgery we hault til that is taken care of. If no surgery (fingers crossed) then he will create our med plan order them and start meds 2nd week of february. so second week we would be doing the retrieval/ transfer God and Embie willing. And themn the 2ww would bring us to 1st or begining of the second week of March for the HPT i mean Blood HCG hahaha we all know I wont be able to not test LOL.

And let me just say this is how the sky looked leaving Boston IVF...sign from god?? I think so!...Or atleast I'll take it!!! Can I also say I felt like I was at home in that place. Usually we go into these Dr's offices and always atleast see one pregnant person or "normal" person and when I walked into Boston IVF it was so much bigger and cooler than i pictured it to be, and I thought as I looked around, Yep, all these people are here for the exact same reason. Ahhhh feels like home.

I am feeling (probably naively) optomistic. For some reason I feel good about IVF and the DR's delivery success rate of 85% with their IVF cycles for my age group is definately partly to blame for that.

Most important though is that everybody there was amazingly knowledgable and sweet. They had us meet with the Dr for a physical really quickly. Then a nurse to go over procedures and paperwork, then a financial aid to go over our specific insurance plan and what would and wouldnt be covered. all in one shot we got all the knowledge we needed and were leaving excited and completely comfortable.

Then we went to the hotel got settled in then over to Aunt Sharon and Uncle Toms... I didnt know Sharon had had a miscairrage....we were able to talk so openly about all of it and how we were REALLY doing, instead of "good" you? haha. Then a great night sleep and off the Nana Mannings house . We needed to see our Nana we missed her so much. I got a picture of papa's was in his room. And i dont even know why i took it but there was an orb in the chair...hmmmm. Then visited with her for a while before we went out to lunch and Nana and Papas place ( nana knew all the wait staff hahaha) and me and nana had breakfast for lunch yummm. Then we brought her out to do her errands and groceries. She made us laugh so hard with all her funny sayings. Then we dropped her off helped her put away everything. and headed out. We stopped in Portland on the way home to spend a GC and i wasnt feeling it. Passing babys r us on the way home my sadist in me pictured us making a registry for our twins...SADIST. Like i needed that visual to be able to access in that brain of mine...ugghhh. Well heres hoping.
All in all we had a wonderful weekend, aside from having to come up with about 13 stories to tell different people because we arent telling anyone this time around. I feel very at peace about that. I think it will mean way less stress.

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