Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tune up anyone??

Well I had my appointment with Bill nye yesterday for my labs and saline sonogram. I decided this shall be the docs new name because he looks like BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY hahaha.

He was so friendly and down to earth it reminded me that we are making the right choice working with him and his offices. My saline sonogram was, as the doctors would say, " a LITTLE uncomfortable" exspecially when he hit the back of my uterus with the cathetar...OWWWW.
But I was able to point everything out to the nurse, he was trying to get the nurse to point out to me but she couldnt find. What can I say I have looked at my lady parts enough to know when something in there isnt normal. Then he took out the cathetar and said "while were in the neighborhood we might as well get a good look at those ovaries!" i like this guy!!!
So i responded lets do it Mr Rogers! OMG that is the part that was truly painful. 9 large follicles on righty and 6 on lefty and they were oober tender. he kept apologizing and as i was counting all my follies right along (ahead of) with him with a painful look on my face im sure. needless to say i am crampy.

On the funny side she thought i was an ultrasound tech hahaha. Nope just an infertile. lol

So results on the sonogram are that I have a possible fibroid, and ateast 2 polyps. Also my lining is much too thick. 17mm when peak fertile time during cycle (for implatation) should only be 12.
Could this possibly be from 6 months without a period!?!?! YEP!

So I need a Hysteroscopy. with a myomectomy, and polypectomy, and another D&C. ugghh surgery for this girl.

On the bright side it will be shiny and new for my little embryos!!! I am glad we are getting this over with so it will be good breeding grounds. Hopefully this makes the difference in my first IVF cycle. Bodyparts crossed.

Bad news surgery date isnt until atleast the 17th. BOOOOO. so im assuming we wont be stimming until march. hmmpphh.

So i am in for a tune up.

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  1. It stinks that this will push your start date back, but it is great that your body will be embie ready for the transfer! I was so glad I had my lap before I did my last cycle. I think it made all the difference.

    Hoping they can get you in even sooner...wouldn't that be awesome? Hugs.