Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stupid facebok

Just got ambushed with another facebook pregnancy anouncement. But this one is the best of all because she says... and I quote... "what are we getting our selves into" end quote!


Dear God,
Why do you give babies to people who are...
A. Undeserving
B. WAY too young
D. Dont spend every single waking living moment praying and hoping and spending every last dime and ounce of energy trying to have one so they may raise them to do your will.

Bitter a bit?! I know. I shouldnt question Gods motives but am I the only one?? Does any one out there want to help me feel like less of a shitty person and admitt sometimes they have thought this too???

ugghh Bed is much needed at theis point i think.

1 comment:

  1. It is definitely annoying to hear people say they are pregnant when they don't seem to be deserving of a baby and when you or others really do want a baby and are doing everything in their power to get one!! Maybe we are just waiting for the right one?! Hopefully that is the case otherwise I have a little chatting to do with the man upstairs when I die!!:) Good luck we are almost there to start our cycle!