Tuesday, January 11, 2011

visit with The sperminator

So some definate good things and some really confusing things came from the appointment today. He started out by saying he couldnt explain a reason for the miscairrage and that the path report shows that some things were taken out related to pregnancy but no actual pregnancy tissue was removed???? So he had me have an ultrasound with the dildocam and guess what that mass IS STILL THERE and it is not a pregnancy but a fibroid or a polyp. It is small enough he doesnt think it will pose a problem. but that made me wonder when i got the fatal ultrasound that made my doc decide i should do a D&C and not wait to see how things worked out ( seeing as how i wasnt bleeding or cramping) it was because they saw this thing THTA DIDNT GET REMOVED. and 5,000 dollars later I "can live with it in there". So thats the confusing part.

The exciting part is that we are going to do IVF through Boston IVF. Dr F is the best of the best and we have a meeting with him Friday the 21st. The best part is that they have an office in Portland so my procedures will be 45 ninutes from home instead of 3 HOURS. YAY!!!!!!
I got most of my questions answered. The clinic only transfers 2 Embies. And he thinks we have great chances. YAY. And he started me on BC pills bc he knows thats what Dr. F will do anyways so we can get a headstart for our cycle of meds to hopefully start by the first week of February.
(crazy IF hopeful side is already calculating a due date for that potential cycle) Whivh incase you're wondering would POTENTIALLY be Nov 11 or 12th or around then....and back when we started dreaming about a family and naively thought you could just "plan" one we had always said we would love to have a fall baby. Right before the holidays...and while it is Our Kind of wheather (sweatshirt weather). So that would be icing on the Diaper Cake. LOL

Overall one of the best days I have had since we lost Kayden. And we have decided to keep this startup of treatments again a secret this time. I think it will help with stress levels and stress on the outcome if only a few friends know ( ahem helllooo ladies!!!) So shhhh hahaha.

In other news my nephews 1st bday is the day after our appointment with Dr. F. I am painting a little person chair for him. It will be adorable. Then my God daughter's bday is right around the corner...CANNOT BELIEVE REESIEPOO will be a whole year old soon!!! And then my other nephew's 1st. I know a lot of new babies in my life right now!!! xoxo I am hoping among all the baby celebrations we will have a baby celebration of our own. That would be nice next fall to be planning my children's or child's 1st bday party! For now I will live vicariously through My god daughter!

A lot of thinking today...need sleep...rest brain.

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