Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Sperminator

My lovely yet hillarious husband came up with a new name for our RE... it happened when i passing i told friends something about the dreaded yet exciting meeting with our "reproductive endocrinologist" and DH said ...our what?!? I said RE...our sperm doctor... he said proudly." I am your sperm doctor! He is just the ...Sperm....inator." HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA Oh ehM Gee ...too funny my man is.

Speaking of "the sperminator" I have my "lets talk about the next step" meeting with him Tuesday. I am trying to compile my list of questions (long as it may be) because this is a huge step for us. And althoug i know it is the only next logical step for us...I want to know all I am getting myself into. SOOOOO....ladies out there who have gone through this....Is there any things i should ask...any things you wish you had known before jumping into this IVF journey??

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