Thursday, February 10, 2011


I don't know what is going on but 4 days ago i started bleeding, DR said stop BC and let myself have this 6 months awaited period before surgery. Fine right? except for the excruciating pain every couple of minutes. Shooting pain, like someone was knifing my cervix.

Went in yesterday for pre op appointment told him how bad the pain was. and how heavy the bleeding was ( going through a super tampon and pad every hour for 3 days now) and he said oh that's will be painful after 6 months blah blah. Male doctors and doctors in general never take us seriously. Its like he was thinking whiny lady on her period. I know how it feels to have rough periods after 5 or 6 months. I have PCOS, and going through treatments and surgery, i feel like i am a pretty tough chick. I would never complain to a doctor about period cramps. This is different it isn't period cramps.

Then this morning i went into work (now bleeding through a super tampon every 30 minutes) and went to change my tampon and took it out then after the plop of the tampon i felt something else some out and plop. WTF i looked at it and it looked NOT normal. pink and red with whiteness (veins?) it was a mass, not a flaccid clot. And i have been passing heavy large clots ever since. It was NOT a clot. but OF COURSE it had to be at work in a automatic flushing toilet so when i stepped away to grab something to retrieve it it flushed away. WTF FML.

So i left work and went straight to my DRs ( 5 minutes away) by the time i got their i had already bled through another super and pad and now amazingly enough my pants. I am a hot mess getting a blood preg test drawn and the amazing nurse said she would talk to the dr and when they got results back they'd call to let me know what he thinks.

I cant imagine i was pregnant again... but could that have been my old preg tissue?? (that the path report said they didn't retrieve) Or could it have been what they thought were polyps or possibly what they thought was the fibroid?? Either way The cramps from hell are back and I'm guessing something else will pass?? Ill be home and ready for it this time.

If anyone else has had a natural miscarriage can you shed some light on if this sounds like what you went through? I'm a little freaked out.

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