Friday, February 18, 2011

Update #2

Okay spoke to the Doc today. He said there were multiple polyps, but his opinion is that the large dark spot we saw on sonogram was a "sort of polyp". It was coming out of the uterine wall not the lining and it had no "neck" like the polyps usually have. He said it was really a wide thick adhesion of sorts. He sent it all out to pathology. We will have the results around tuesday. Then I will get to see the photos of my uterus from the inside. He said a normal lining looks litke a smooth ripling surface. Mine looked like wads of cauliflower. Hmmm Interesting.

I am not going to worry myself over something I dont know I have to be worried about yet.

So....Dr P at Boston IVF has left me a voicemail to say as soon as I get my period after this procedure I can start stims. That is in a week and a half!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY

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