Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am thouroughly disturbed today. I have a good friend who is a fellow infertile that shares with me and I with her our thoughts and struggles, advice and history.

Although she has not been graced with a child of her own YET through treatments she and her husband have been blessed in growing their family through fostering to adopt. She has one BEAUTIFUL son and (by the same birthmother) is waiting on hopefully 2 more gorgeous children.
This woman is no rolemodel, everything I have heard of her has made me want to vomit. She is one of those people you hear about and ask God WHY can she have so many children without trouble (born addicted) just to get them taken away, but wonderful people everywhere cannot have any?? But in the same exact breath by having these children have blessed my friend's life in such a big way.

Today when I stopped in to say hi she told me about her adoptive childs birthmother's most recent transgressions. There were alot of snow days in the past few months so they offered her extra hour on a visitation day and her and her INsignificant other/ baby daddy TURNED IT DOWN...like no nothanks i dont want any extra time besides the limited supervised visit i get once a week even though this winter has been so shitty weve lost total days with them.

And even better this monday was a "holiday" not totally recognized by all businesses, and her visitation people were one of the businesses that were open so they got the kids and brought them to visit their parents, knocked on the door birthfather answered, and said why are you here?? They said we are open so you get to see your kids! Yay! He freaked out and said "youre kidding we have to parent on a holiday?!?!" he was so pissed that he locked himself in his room for the whole first hour of their visit. (he only gets to see them for a few hours one day a week)

This story and her situation makes me completely Ill. I cannot falthom that God would allow someone to birth children who are like this when so many deserving loving couples cannot.


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