Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day and an exciting new project

Valentine's day is always low key at my home. Me and the hubs usually get corny cards that usually have a funny sexual joke in them, usually coming out of a chubby animals mouth...wierd.
But this year I got him a heartfelt card. This past year I would not have survuved without him by my side. So I had to break the tradition to let him know lol. We got heart shaped pizza from sam's. Watched a couple of our shows and shared a plate of chocolate covered strawberries, and our favortie bakery sweet treat...BROWNIE CREAMS from Grant's bakery (our favorite bakery).

Now for the fun new project. The chairs below were a flea market find. I don't know what era they are from (although id love to, if you know let me in on it!) $5 for the pair!!! There is some damaged/ missing rungs towards the bottom, missing seats, and an allover loose and rickety feel. But they have great bones.
Me and Jason picked out a batik fabric from my stash that we both liked. We are making these chairs into a beautiful entryway bench.

With his help with the structural problems and my design since and painting skills, it should be easy!!!

Everyone who can, go over to Diva Bud's blog and send healing thoughts and prayers her way. They just their little bud. It was really sad to hear her loss. I know how that feels. I wish upon nobody. Diva bud sending my prayers to you and mr db.

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