Friday, February 4, 2011

Wedding dress Repurposed

Okay lets start where it begins.


Here I am, the cute brunette pre -PCOS symptoms and thinny!!!, and my MOH the best, Danielle...check out her blog...

So this was my wedding day 9-27-08 . The dress was from Mardens...$99.00! A steal, it really is beautiful. Ever since my mom bought it for me i knew It was meant for so much more than 1 beautiful day. I always knew it would one day (soon) be meant to also rock our child, children, to sleep over lullabys and coos. Because it would be oh so effortless to get preggers and produce amazing healthy bambinos. RIGHT. But really I always wanted to recover a bassinet with its fabric, and i used to think also a scrapbook but now I'm debating.


My sister found this beauty at the Yarmouth dump.clean and pretty(ish). She brings me things to create with from there all the time. It is our secret gem. Shhh don't tell.

I Bleached it, twice. And documented the BEFORE. It isn't that I hated it, I didn't Love it either but I was determined to use it as my specimen. ( in the nursery)

Sidebar, the window treatments were draped as fabric in over our Arbour at our wedding. When taking it apart i realized the fabric swag was actually curtains. and the floral beady swag thingy (lol) is from the wedding as well, from our head table candle arrangement.

And here it is AFTER I cut apart and sewed back together the wedding dress i wore to marry the love of my life, now will hold and rock our baby some day. hopefully!

I kept the plaid ruffle and the inside quilted part and the so that the teddys and the under basket and the pouch would still match. I velcroed the dress skirt to the ruffle skirt so that it can be taken off (fabric wont machine wash well). Had sewed the umbrella top out of my train so that all that beautiful antique bead work would frame the bassinet. and the buttons are TO DIE! Seriously how beautiful is it?? And the antique button is from the stash I inherited from my meme D. Beautiful bead workNotice the little green pouch...what is it embellished with??My GARTER!!!! I had so much fun and cant wait to use this future heirloom.

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  1. I saw you at Remember All the Way - and I just wanted to say that you did an incredible job with that. What a beautiful idea, and you executed it AMAZINGLY! I had to comment. Just gorgeous.