Friday, February 18, 2011

Extreme couponing 2/13- 19

This extreme couponing trip was a little bit different. Last week it was couponing then seperately groceries. this week I decided if I really wanted to save money I should be couponing while grocery shopping. So here are this weeks stats.

At Wal-mart where I did mostly my regular weekly groceries. But with lots of coupons. I spent 72.56 and saved $32.50. At K mart (who I just found out also doubles coupons along with Shaws) I spent $20.36 and saved $12.93. At CVS I spent $13.39 and saved $14.24. At Shaws I spent $10.13 and saved $19.07. At Rite Aid I spent $31.69 and saved $60.00.

For a Grand total spent of $148.13 and saved a total of $138.74.

And Here is that loot!!!

2 packages of Hilshire farn deli meat

A pound of american cheese

2 totinos frozen pizzas

phillidalphia baking cream cheese

lean pockets

2 boxes of toaster pastries

2 gallons of icecream

a half gallon of milk

a gallon of orange juice

2 green giant veggie steamers

2 kilbasa

10 yolplait yogurts

2 lbs ground beef

12 pack cottenelle toilet paper

6 pack bounty paper towels

2 liquid dishwasher detergents

2 soft scrubs

2 boxes of finish dishwashing tabs

5 boxes of cereal

2 packs of bisquits

4 jars of pasta sauce

3 cans diced tomatos

4 boxes of ziploc bags

2 pack of replenish opti free contact solution

4 boxes pasta

a can of spray paint

pack of jello pudding

gain fabric softener sheets *80 count
a bottle of vaseline lotion intesive repair
2 boxes of cookie brownie bar mix
4 cans of progresso soup
2 colgate sensative toothpastes
2 boxes of special k bars
5 boxes of mac n cheese
2 boxes of pop tarts
2 degree deoderants
a box of Krusteaz pancake mix
2 bottles of Propel water
2 boxes nature valley bars
2 bags chex mix
a box of milk bones
And my favorite item of savings a two pack clear blue easy digital pregnancy tests for after this upcoming IVF cycle.

Not too shabby for $148.13 if I do say so myself.

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  1. Wow! Wish I knew how to use my coupons like that. Unfortunetly I know nothing about "doubling" and when/where to get the most for my coupons. More power to ya!