Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boston in the winter time

THIS WEEKEND WAS SO FUN!!! Me and the best took our moms to Boston for a mother daughter Christmas shopping weekend. I drove to Boston and we stopped at the square one mall for a little mall shopping and dinner. We decided on the Twitters bar and grille...BAD IDEA... their service sucked, the waitress took forever to get to and from the table. When the best finished her meal practically she realized there was a bug floating in he sauce. And so i told the waitress (with the most disgusted look on my face) about the bug. She said i will have it taken off the bill, but when she returned to the take (a year and a half later) she said i can offer you dessert...and handed us the bill. Obviously we were not about to eat anything else there. And her meal was still on their. So I went to find her and let her know we were not about to pay for a meal that had bugs in it...and she was like well i offered you dessert....i proceeded to ask for a manager. And when he came out ( 2 years later) i made sure we were standing next to full booths and said obviously we r not paying for a meal with bugs in it... and he said "just hear me out...im not saying its your fault...but that bug didnt come from my kitchen...and the meal had been eaten...." I was so pissed. 12 dollars....really you are going to argue about 12 dollars?? For 4 people to spread the word that you have a dirty resturant with bugs and terrible service?!?! I could not believe it long story short we did not pay for that meal and he got an earful.

So then we drove to the hotel and it was a nice room, nice hotel...but i didnt realize it was located in the projects hahaha...not the best side of town. All night all i heard was sirens every two minutes...when we walked down the strret to find out the t was way too far to walk to in that neck of the woods we realized our neighbor was this building lol. Explains all the noise we were right near Boston Medical.
So I ended up driving and parking right near quincy market. The first thing we walked through on our way to all the shopping was this Hollocaust Memorial...The glass is etched in very tiny print all the numbers the jews had tatooed on them...the steam from the subways reiacting the gas chambers, and the multiple survivor quotes. It was all very powerful. I was holding back the tears the entire walk through. I had the best time finishing up those people on my Christmas list, and just being with three of my favorite people...

There were carolers walking around singing carols and we stopped and sang a song with them...and i decided to add this to my list.

Look at this tree!! Gorg!

We bought tickets for our moms to go see the nutcracker ballet at the boston opera house!!!

Look how pretty!!!

This is pretty too!!!

My best and her mom (our mom) we had just gone to the famous "mike's pastry" to get their Loster Tails...that place is nuts...shoulder to shoulder yelling out orders and holding out cash lol.

Me and Mom

We went to have a drink and met up with Aunt Kara before the show at this mod chic bar FELT

The fam at the opera house

This place was magnificent

Then we hit Kittery on the way back home for some Outlet shopping...I am done and almost ready for Christmas. And I dont know how we will get Danielle out of the car she is packed like a sardine back there!!! From luggage to purchases i dont know how we fit it all in there....it was jam packed!!!!!
All in all It was the best trip I have ever had! And we are going to book early next year so we get a good hotel and a good area and make it an annual tradition. I just finished making and putting together the best's christmas gifts. I am too excited to see her open them.
I start my parties tonight with the work party...tommorow night Marquis!!... Thursday? friday baking all day then In law's Christmas...and Christmas day my moms Christmas. Then sunday the hubs got the day off so me n him are going to cuddle and relax all day.

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