Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Morbid thought anyone??

Okay here it is...I was standing at a co-workers mom's wake today and he was showing us the slideshow photos of his moms life and telling us who they were and such. She looked so happy, and all her family around her looked like they loved her so much... And i thought to myself...Wow your lineage really does define you in a big way. What will my wake slideshow look and my siblings friends and parents. 5 slides and its over.

I want to have children of my own and grandchildren to surround me and make my life full, and great granchildren to amuse me....and to feel whole and complete for once in my life...

I dont want to feel a huge gaping hole torn through my chest and freezing me with the winds of jealousy every day. I dont want to hear about another aquaintance that is 18 just graduated and finds out they are pregnant with some guys baby that wants nothing to do with them. It breaks my heart that so many deserving loving women with loving husbands cant create a little being in their likeness but kids can...

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