Monday, December 13, 2010


I just watched the new episode of Guliana and Bill... She Hyper stimulated and went to the ER by ambulance. That is my 2nd worst fear about IVF. But my number 1 fear is that it wont work.
I have set a goal for us of a year. my new years resolution is to get a sticky pregnancy. and if we dont get pregnant through IVF this coming year, then we will start an adoption process. I will have a baby, a family of at least 3, by 2013. Because me and my wonderful husband deserve it. We deserve to share all this love we have for eachother with a little bambino.

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  1. I watched the same show tonight too..its unreal what the IVF process can put a person thru. I know God will bless u and your hubby with a precious baby!!