Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Cookie Bakeathon 2010

This year me and the best decided to make cookie platters for our get togethers and friends and family. We wanted to do 12 platters each with 13 types of cookies at 2 per platter for a grand total of 26 cookies per platter and 52 cookies per batch. We had all the best intentions of premaking all the dough that way we could just pop them in while decorating the fancy gingerbread men and sugear cookies. As you can see in the previous posts we started to do all of that weeks ago. But Christmas really snuck up on us this we had 4 doughs frozen and the rest we had to make from scratch day of on Christmas Eve. (next year we will be WAY more prepared) Wait isnt that what we said last year?? HAHAHA
The Eggnog cookies look wonderous!

All our pretty platters just waiting for some yummy goodness.

We made Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies...this is the worst part! Unwrapping all the kisses!!!

Snickerdoodles are a staple at the inlaws, these came out GORGEOUS

EPIC FAIL yet again!!!!! These thumprint cookies kicked our ass 2x now! But the only way we could get the cookie to keep its shape was to use the prepackaged sugar cookie mix.

And voila!!!!! Whats on this years cookie menu you ask???
Peanut butter kiss cookies
Jam thumbprint cookies
Triple chocolate cookies
Eggnog cookies
Chocolate molases cookies
Sugar cookies
Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies
Brownie covered mint oreos
Chocolate Peanut butter chip cookies
Chocolate krinkles

YAY!!!!!! we had to drop a few different types of cookies for times sake. I started at 8am joined by my best at 10am and we bakes on our feet non stop til 5pm. And everyone LOVED THEM!!!!
Thanks Danielle it was fun!

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