Thursday, December 16, 2010

CRAZY christmas crafting taking place (warning controversial gift) DEN DO NOT TELL DRE

I HEART modge podge!!! This stuff can be used for anything!!!! I got together with the best for a night of (lets get all this shit done that we planned to spread out and enjoy and now we have no more time and it is stressing us out) crafts. The first thing is a gift for a girlfriend of mine, it goes with some other appropriate items in a gift bag...PHOTO COASTERS!!! We were racking our brains for what to use as the coaster base for the photo we have seen it done with cork but couldnt find any that wasnt too thick. So what did i come up with roaming the isles of Home Depot...yes home depot is what i just said...

Rubber wall base!! like you see in the hospital along the base of the wall (hence the name) lol. It worked perfect!!! So step one we cut the wall base strip into coaster squares.Printed out the pics we wanted to adorn the coaster with....Modge podge thin coast onto base then smooth photo onto it, when that is dry modge podge a thin layer over photo, when dry repeat one last time. Also same idea with the modge podge and photo onto miniatue art canvases for ornaments...HERE IS THE CONTROVERSIAL GIFT...I have a friend who is oober political and controversial, he loves to get a rise out of people with his facebook status'. And i wanted to give him a gift with that theme this year...This one fell from the sky...I looked through his status' for this one...Happy holidays is what terrorists say...LOVE IT! So i traced the saying onto freezer paper...cut it out for an HOUR with an exacto knife, Ironed it onto the shirt and painted over it.And this is the final product...HILLARIOUS...he will get a kick out of it!!!

We also finished up our now ripe vannila extract by straining it and bottling it in our personalized labeled bottles.

The funnel i got at home depot for a dollar on clearance hahahahahaThere is the bestie straining it with coffee filters which took forever...We ended up pouring it through a mesh tea steaper. Below are my bottles Its all ready to for tie blankets...tommorow. I am too tired to do them tonight.

Oh and tommorow me the best and our moms leave for BOSTON, I surprised my mom for christmas with this trip...2 nights in a hotel, shopping eating talking...should be so much fun!

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