Monday, December 27, 2010

New way to do new years resolutions...

Hello everyone, my name is Kate, and I am a lister. YES I ADMIT IT...making lists calms me and keeps me sane. haha So when my best came to me and told me about a fellow blogger's list idea I LOVED IT naturally and agreed to participate! So here it s, instead of a "new years resolution" that will never come to fruition, I am partaking with the best in a list of sorts, "24 things to do before I am 25" is what we call it. I am slowly (with much thought and care) creating this list and here are the first will be absolutely SHOCKED by the first two! NOT

1. Get Pregnant.

2. Carry above mentioned Healthy Baby(ies) to term and deliver.

3. Write and send more handwritten cards and letters.

4. Make more time to read.

5. Take a trip with my husband (never went on a honeymoon).

6. Get healthy (eat better, work out)

7. Cook a new recipe every week.

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