Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kicking off the Christmas season

We went to an ACTUAL tree farm this year! It was fun and we found the perfect small tree!!! Last year we put our 8 foot tree in a part of the cathedral cieling living room, but this year i wanted to put it under a little alcove in our living room. So we went to this farm and the options were to ride a tractor to the back woods and find a tree to cut down or out front walk to find one in the smaller wooded lot. It was freezing and i didnt have my cocoa so we chose walk to the smaller lot. And it only took us 15 minutes to find her...she's a beauty.The beautiful view.Im a tree hugger!!! This is her!!!Jason being a "man" and cutting our tree down. It is funny how things like this make them feel like they are "providing" in the most origional caveman sense of the word LOL.The only tree he's been able to carry one handed hahaha!!!Leaving the farm...I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA...early christmas present...Okay I bought it for myself Black Friday...YOU CAUGHT ME.

Speaking of Black friday, me and my sister in law Nicolle went shopping at 2:30AM this year. This is us taking a very touristy picture near the LL BEAN boot in freeport even though we are Mainers. I reccomend doing this, go find a touristy place in your town and take a pic even tho your not a tourist ITS FUN!!!

Above is us in the middle of LL bean ville. The lights were soso pretty. Below is our tree fully decorated in the alcove I was talking about. What kind of tree do you do?? Upside down? Color themed? Ribbon and bows?? I do the classic eclectic ornaments over the years tree. So I thought i'd bring you through my favorite ornaments and their story.

This ornament, i realized sadly, will see its last year on our tree this year because it is getting moldy hahahaha. Our nephew made it for us 2 years ago. This is one of those SMORES ornaments. It was given to me by my step sister last year (we do ornaments for eachother every year.)

This is an ornament given to us from my bestie, LOVE YOU and love this ornament!!

And in the above seen tourisy pic Nicolle gave me this fat fish ornament a few years back. It is very "us" and that same year I gave her the brother of this fish filled with blue glitter without knowing it.

Me and my hubs exchange ornaments every year and this year we bought our ornaments when we picked out our tree. This is the one he picked.

And this is the one i picked.
We got this last year, first year at Jolin... I got this ornament from my second mother KS atleast 8 years ago when I was in Girl scouts!!!

Favorite ornament of all i got as a very little girl. It was a ballerina back when i danced. I love this ornament so much it reminds me of christmases with my mom. I will cherish it forever. This is a Tiffany & co. ornament i got from my aunt linda the year my meme died. She gave one to all the girl cousins to make us feel better.And this year for the winter season we bought ourselves a new LLBEAN down comforter and duvet. It is so warm and i love sleeping under the same blanket as the hubs. The dogs had ruined our nice one last year and we had been sleeping under 3 seperate blankets each to stay warm lol.
The begining of our house decorations. The hubs surprised me with this blow up snowman this year. He was all set up when i got home. So adorable of him. I am putting a christmas tree on the porch this weekend too.

I hope everyone is doing whatever makes them happy this holiday season, carrying on traditions or starting something new!!

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  1. Loved seeing your tree and ornaments! Great pictures! My tree is totally done in blue and silver theme..I just love it! :-)