Sunday, December 5, 2010

On the third...uhh i mean fourth...i mean well a bunch of days of christmas we made...

Okay so i havent written in too long. So I had a fabulously busy Thanksgiving and Black friday...(got most of my shopping done and overall saved more than $600.00) I made centerpieces seen below from stem flowers from our local florist and baskets and floral foam from the dollar tree, add a few candlesticks i already had, voila!!!
Me and Danielle have been making 2 doughs each week and freezing them to make cookie platters for our gatherings and gifts the week of Christmas. She is pretty hardcore with a mixer!!!
We obviously have to make sure they wont kill anyone...ahem...So we make 3 of each to sample (the third is for her hub-to-be...he is spoiled!! This is the week we made thumbprint cookies and pumpkin chocolate chip. and after...jelly goes on after you bake lol...epic fail. But proves it is good to do a trial run. LESSON LEARNED. So I have 3 weeks left and only a million crafts still to do lol. I gotta go get crafting.

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