Thursday, April 28, 2011


Sorry for the sidewards pics. I went to the u/s and the negative news, of which I WILL NOT stress about until the dr says so is there is another mass in my uterus. Polyp or Fibroid IDK most likey polyp. I am waiting to hear if it affects me or the cycle. I have had 2 DNCs because of US like this and this one is double the size. Every time i start meds they grow like crazy.

On a Positive note... I had 14 measurable follicles from 12-21 ranging. YAY!!!!! I so hope this cycle isnt affected by the growth in my ute. But I also hope the embryos arent affected my it either when transfered.

These are the Whoppers!!!


  1. WOW!!! You're stimming amazingly well!!! So frustrating about the mass... I'm praying it calms down or at least doesn't interfere. Congrats on the great follie count and measurements!!! Bring on the babe(s)!!!

  2. That is great about all your follicles! I hope everything continues to as planned despite the mass!

  3. Look at those beauties!! I hope it all goes well and that the mass doesn't mess up the plans. Good for you for keeping positive. That is the best attitude to have!