Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Self injection nerves.

I am working until 8:30ish tonight. Ill be getting home just in time for my injection...only thing is my DH will be at a hockey game. This will be the day 5 of stims and the first I actually have to do myself. Lupron wasnt bad but this new concoction hurts like a B*tch going in and has a larger needle then before. I am nervous to do it on my own haha. Im being a baby I will suck it up.


  1. I'm completely there with you... this stuff stings like nobody's business. Getting used to self-injections was a feat for me... it got easier the more that I did it. Best of luck... I'll be thinking of you!

  2. You can do it! 1) Grab something out of the fridge to numb it a bit. 2) Turn on the TV, radio or whatever. 3) Lay back on the couch. 4) Pop chocolate or anything yummy in your mouth. 5) Plunge the little sucker in. 6) Apply heat pad and congratulate yourself on a job well done! : ) Shooting yourself up sucks no matter how many times you do it.