Friday, April 29, 2011

Last stim shot hopefully!!!

Holy Poop! I can't believe tonight might already be my last stim shot. I am starting to bruise so I Don't Hate it!!! I may possibly give the trigger tommorow night then retrieve Monday!

I am getting super psyched for the retrieval. I have never done IVF before and have no idea the quality of my eggs, or our embryos. That is the most exciting/ nerve wracking part of this for me. I finally get to know what I am producing in there. And then hopefully have a better idea why it isnt working.

I have bw and us in the morning and then will get the call tommorow afternoon to find out for sure when to trigger. AHHHHH I have the shakes I have so much running through my veins and mind right now.

On the side effect end of things. Bad headaches and some nausea are starting to creep in. Yesterday I had dizziness and the only other time I can remember feeling that exact way was when I was pregnant with kayden (just implanting) and I am hoping it is just another sign from God that this is our time to finally have our family here with us on earth. ...Or it could be meds lol. Also I feel like I shoved Bocce Balls in my abdomen. I can feel my ovaries rubbing on all my other insides and it is so uncomfortable. Also at the point now of having a sharp pain here and there in the breasts and ovaries. I will take it if it brings me a baby(s).

Positive visualizing thoughts tonight for sure. Prayer welcome. <3

Pray for my cycle buddy Baby Hopes while your at it!!! Hope you are stimming away over there BH!! Thinking of you!


  1. WOOHOO!!! I'm so excited for you!!! I don't have a firm trigger/retrieval date yet... sometime between Monday and Wednesday should be my retrieval. Do you stim on the day that you are triggered? Just wondering what to expect.

    I'm so happy for you! Right behind you and sending prayers on ahead for you!!!

  2. Fantastic news.... how exciting to be almost at your ER :)) Sending you lots of egg growing vibes and thoughts for your big day xoxo