Saturday, April 23, 2011

1st night of stims!

One down, probably 5-8 more to go. Mixing all the meds (menopur, lupron, follistim) is a pain and I felt like I was doing it wrong even though I know I wasn't.
My BFF had us over for a little birthday celebration for the DH. So sweet of her to do that for him, and for getting icecream cake for the IFers cycle LOL.

I had DH give me the first injection because the needles like twice the size as the one I have been using. It felt weird like there was sooo much med and it was pushing my insides out of the way to dig in. And probly TMI but I had wiked gas pain tonight (which I get during treatments) and it hurts so much like my ute and ovaries are alredy a bit swollen and sensative and the gas pushes against them and it really hurts bad.

So glad to have day one out of the way and be stimming finally. Now appointments until our first monitoring thursday. I will be usuing my visualization techniques I used when I got pregnant with Kayden. Tonight I will just picture my meds making there wat to me lady bits.

Baby Hopes had her first stims today too!!! So glad to have a cycle buddy!!!
Pray with us that this cycle gives us our BFP!!!!!


  1. WooHoo!!! Stimmin' together!!! :) I'm so glad your clinic does the mixing technique as well... I think it really helps ease some of the anxiety. Sorry to hear about the nasty side effects. :( Praying for us both to respond well and move quickly along to retrieval, transfer, and growing our little ones to hold! :)

  2. Praying for you both! Hope the injections get easier and I think your mental pictures will help... fertilizer for your follies:] Wishing you all the best!