Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Anticipation is always the absolute worst part. I just did it. And it didnt hurt any worse than when my DH does it. Its all the lead up to sticking myself thats all.

I am too excited to see whats going on in my lady business tommorow morning. My SIL is coming since she is really the only one who knows around here, and my DH has to work. Hopefully I will also find out when the retrieval will be. My boss has been bothering me to know what days I need off next week for the transfer and retrieval...And I don't Really know until I know. So it is making me anxious. But I cant let myself be stressed over anything, I need a nice calm home for the embinos!!!

In other news...One of my fav colleagues told me she had a dream someone at work was pregnant with twins. ( She had a dream when I got pregnant with Kayden that she saw 2 people having babies and my Office manager and I had just gotten preg and hadn't told) So that is sort of psyching me up!!! I am trying not to read into it though. I will take how ever many babies God wants me to have as long as I can be a mom.

I am feeling that Yearning, hope, sadness again. I want this so bad.
If you feel like it...Please pray for us. That if this is our perfect time, that our babies make it to earth this time.

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  1. Sending prayers your way!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Can't wait for your update with tomorrow's appointment!