Friday, April 15, 2011


Okay, maybe I was over thinking it tonight or maybe my belly was just sore but tonights Lupron injection HURT and bled. I didnt do it quick so I had to like push it through the skin Owwwwiiieee. Needless to say I think I need a break so Jason will be giving me my shot tommorow night. I am however excited that Sunday night will be my last bc pill...I am praying my period does a magic trick and comes on its own. Your prayers are welcome too!!! And if you are so inclined you could through in a "I hope this cycle gets this crazy infertile pregnant" prayer too!!! Hahahha


  1. Definitely sending the prayers your way! Yikes... sounds so painful!!! My RE said that if my period didn't come we'd still be ok to move forward... did yours say the same?

  2. I had a post similar to this with my first shot! I just startedmy first round ofIVF and am new to the blogging world! No matter what you do or what med it is.. it hurts! Good luck on your first round of IVF!