Friday, April 1, 2011

Is it April...I couldn't tell....

Everything had been melting away. We had a few nice sunny cool but warmer than usual days. I had the dogs out on their runners which we all have desperately needed. Then I wake up on the first day of April and we have a Nor'easter...Not the Easter I would have liked to have this month. Grrrr. Worst part I lost power too. So I cleaned the house...picked up...waiting for the power to come back on because I have to work at three. Luckily I work at a Hotel so I was able to head in and shower at work before work...but to top everything off I had my work clothes (bra included) in the wash when the power went out! So I had to come real early to make sure they had time to dry here before my shift. So now I am eating lunch in a guest room waiting for them to dry. Then HI HO HI HO its off to work I go. I truly hope this is the last snow of the season. I NEED SUN and HEAT. On IVF news... I start Lupron on the 11th!!!!!! AHHHHHH I am so pumped!


  1. So wish I could fly you down to our desert oasis in Texas. :( Sun can cheer anyone up.

  2. HAHA! Just wanted to share...

    The word I had to type in for my "word verification" on your site was "DumpOn." LOL! After writing about being cheery, it was interesting to read that. Hope you had a giggle too. ;)