Friday, May 6, 2011


Okay so from now on to make the time creep by at an archiological pace...I mean to keep track of these magic moments post transfer and record my babies first days of introuterine life (HOPEFULLY) I am going to post a daily _p3dt all the way to test date (the 16th) (TEN days away IE a lifetime!).

So here does 1dp3dt...

I am crampy in the uterine area ( hoping god not bad sign)
My legs are oober achy, and my bbs are sore, like don't touch nip or you die!
On the bbs topic I also have crazy blue veins in them (like when I was pregnant in September) except this time it is obviously hormone meds at this point. Oh and I need new bras. Went up another cup size. SHOOT ME
CRAZY bad reflux/ heartburn today.

Other than that feeling fine. Laying low for the rest of the day and back to work tomorrow, light duty no lifting. The Dr said he couldn't give me a lb limit but just to listen to my body and do minimal to ensure maximum chances for Embino 1 and 2!!! Will do good doctor.

Off to lunch at our favorite Vals Drive in with mom to get out of the house for a little bit on this BEAUTIFUL day we have.

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