Monday, May 2, 2011

Retrieval day under our belt...Update!

Before I update on how our retrieval went I just have to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support, beautiful words of encouragement, and HUGS!!! I don't think I could have the peace I have about all of this if it weren't for the amazing support system I have on blogger and from my close friends. So thank you so much.


We had our retrieval this morning around 9am. I was so so so anxious on the 45 minute drive there and the half hour wait in the lobby ( part of that time was for DH to go give his half of the ingredients). Then they brought me back and I had my favorite nurse Robin. She is a pro at the IV and has a good sense of humor. We laughed and joked about the 80's style gown and the hairnets. I kept teasing DH that I was fullfilling some type of Lunch lady fantasy he must have LOL. I should have taken a picture!!! Im sure I was the hottest one there that day! NOT!!

Then I met "Uncle Mike" the anesthesiologist. Who gave me my "coctails" on my "trip to Hawaii" I asked for sex on the beach...atleast I can dream of sex being a part of the babymaking these days right?? They all laughed at me.

The procedure went well and all in all I was only out for 15 minutes. It was just sedation anesthesia so I had no tube down my throat, so it was a nice slow sleep and wake up.

When I woke up they told me they got 15 EGGS!!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!! I was shocked. But it also makes sense now why I was in such discomfort the last two days and today after the procedure I have been soso sore. Ive taken 4 naps and am just laying low. Back to work for this girl tomorow. Cant wait to update with the fertility report tomorow!!!!


  1. that is an AWESOME report!!! congrats!!! i cant believe you are going back to work tomorrow, though- although this way maybe you will get more maternity leave!!!

  2. Great news! I love that you kept your sense of humor through it all, even the IV... I'm impressed! Can't wait to hear the fert report! Order up... sex in the petri, lol:]

  3. Awesome count!!! I love your sense of humor! :) I would have been cracking up. Great news on your E2 as well!!! Can't wait to hear your fertilization report!!! :) Grow, little ones, grow!!!