Friday, May 20, 2011


Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement. The spotting and cramping stopped. It seems to have been the endometrin just like so many suggested. It really rocked my little boat though, I had many a pep talk with those little embinos about how they need to sit tight yesterday. I believe they heard me :).
I am heading to go get my blood drawn this morning anyways just to ease my mind. Then again on Monday. If everything is all set until then then we will wait the week and two days to see them on the big screen lol.

Praying and trying my hardest to take it easy while working a pretty physically demanding job. Luckily I have a bunch of servers pulling for me and the babes that wil take the heavy lifting for me. And a pretty understanding friend at work who is always there to be the voice of reason, yet still make sure I am ok. She has gone through a long IF struggle and totally understands. I am forever grateful for her.

I am feeling cautious but definately optamistic. And very blessed. Today...I am still pregnant, thank you God!

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  1. I certainly understand the cautious optimism - I am right there with you! The wait until the 'embinos' big screen debut seems like it is dragging on forever! So glad you get to have more blood work to put your mind at ease - can't wait to hear the results!