Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UPDATE on the Embinos

As of 10 am embie checks I have...
1-5cell preHIP Embryo without fragmentation
5-4cell prehip Embryos without fragmentation
3-3cell Embryos
2-2cell Embryos

WOOHOOO I am hoping for 2 or more HIP 8 and above cell Embryos tommorow.
915 transfer...Hopefully with my pal Nurse Robin...she is like my lucky charm I think lol.
Nicolle my sister in law wants to come with us and be in the room for the transfer. They said she could. It feels so good to have her support.


  1. Congratulations!!! These are beautiful numbers!!!

  2. looking good! hoping they keep growing well and the transfer is perfect tomorrow!

  3. Alright!!! Hoping for a smooth transfer tomorrow and you are so close to being PUPO! Yay!