Thursday, May 5, 2011


Not the best photo of them but these are my beautiful Embinos. I brought them home today.One is an 8 cell 3f HIP and one is a 7cell3f HIP <3

Honestly I really thought it would hurt having a full bladder. It wasnt that bad since I released some right befor ethe procedure. (I have a wonky bladder that once its full no matter how many times I pee it fills right back up in a matter of minutes. I peed 4 times before the transfer and it was full to the brim still) My nurses again were so fun, positive, and were actually fighting over me!! Haha Outside my curtain Karee said to Robin do you want me to do Kates paperwork with her, and Robin says..No Ill do Kate you can get so and so. I shouted theres enough of me to go around ladies!!! They were rolling on the floor. The actual transfer was fine. The worst part was the speculum as usual I hate that thing! The cathedar didnt really hurt. And I love that I am "with children" right now. I hope they Implant and stick around to see me in 9 months. Then after the procedure My DH and SILNicolle came with me to Olive Garden for some Lasagna Frittas YUMMMMMMM. The babes had a great first meal Then we came home for a 2 hour nap. I am laying around trying to let them settle in well.

So cute this morning Jason had a Hydrangea plant and two celeb mags for me to read while I lay around today! At olive garden I was surrounded (at the time they opened) with 4 pregnant women...and a brand new baby...and then when i woke up from my nap the tyra show was on (dont usually watch it) with a show about questions from the entire pregnant audience. ..hmmm I get the message!!!


  1. YAY!!!! Your embinos are home!!! Congratulations!!! Hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful, and how sweet to have some much needed reading material at hand from a thoughtful hubby! I'm so glad that it was a wonderful experience for you!!! Praying that they're nestling in safe and sound and soon in your arms!!! :)

  2. yum! hoping all the pregnant vibes transfer!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful experience! Praying those babies snuggle in tight. :)

    P.S. If I was a nurse, I'd fight over you too. ;)

  4. All kinds of good wrapped up in this day! Congrats... now rest and try to find happy distractions during the 2WW. Congrats on being PUPO!

  5. Happy PUPO :)) Love your photo and looking forward to many more to come xoxo