Saturday, May 7, 2011



Hot flashes like a 60 year old menopausal woman

Gassy is a nice word to describe it.

AF Cramping

Around 6pm i had a sharp quick pain in my lower right abdomen and haven't felt any pain since

Constant need to check every one's blogs. Nothing new...5 min later go check again ect.

Maybe my mind is just trying too hard to occupy itself.

OH and these progesterone suppositories are disgusting oozing out all day EWW.

Lets just be honest I POAS this morning to make sure Ovadrel was out of my system.


I am promising myself no peeing on a stick until at least next weekend.

My 10th anniversary is the 12th.

My mom brought me a mothers day present yesterday it is a recordable "mommy and Me" book and some coconut lime verbena cream from B&B works. It was so sweet. She now knows about the IVF and that I had the transfer. I told her it could be months until we know or say anything if we do know. She doesn't know any better so she is going with it. I am so grateful for my mom. I was so sad thinking mothers day I am a mom in my heart but my baby is in heaven, and now I am thinking how lucky am I that even if just for a short while my babies are in my tummy on Mother's Day.

I want to know the outcome now. So I can stop torturing myself with hope if it isn't to be for me. Or so I can be reassured if it will work out. I know God is good and in his time I will know, but my earthly self cant stand it.

I am having twinges in my lower right abdomen as I type that sentence I will take that as a good sign.

Praying so hard for my cycle buddy Baby Hopes. I am praying those babes are snuggling in as she rests and keeps them safe and cozy. Let this be her time, let this Mothers Day bring her the joy she longs for.

After working all night I am feeling quite crampy and like I am overdoing it as much as I try not to my body is telling me I need to be lying down and doing nothing. So frustrating because I NEED to work...But making babies is more important to me. So I have covered my Monday shift and putting myself on moderated bed rest/ house arrest for the next 3 days. I NEED these babies to stick more than anything else right now.


  1. The 2WW is such a nightmare... it's so hard to balance keeping busy and your mind occupied with resting - FXd and sending you lots of sticky vibes xoxo

  2. With you on so many of these symptoms... save for the version of progesterone you're on. I have the injections, so my hips are sooooore... but I'll take it gladly knowing that it's making things comfy for the babes!

    Thinking of you endlessly and sending up lots of prayers. How sweet that your mom bought you a gift for Mother's Day. You are a mother babes in arms or not. I pray that these find their way into your arms. Sending love!