Friday, May 13, 2011

8dp3dt OMFG

OMFG I HATE BLOGGER right now. I haven't been able to get on in two days to check anything.
I am 8dp3dt and today is supposed to be the first day the embinos start producing traceable HCG.
I tested this morning twice both times faint positive. And my boobs currently have MAJOR blue road maps all the way into my nipples. They are super sore and I am guessing that is why.

I can't get my beta done until Monday though. ugghh. I will test clear blue digital tomorrow and sunday. Beta Monday and probably repeat Wednesday.

I am cautiously Optimistic. ( but really screaming yippeeee inside) I hate that It is a constant battle between how I really feel and how I know i should feel because so much could still go wrong.

Trying to stay calm and relax. Today I am pregnant. That is really cool.


  1. How exciting! Congratulations!!!

  2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! KATE!!!! YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!! YOU ARE PREGNANT!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm SO very excited for you! I had a great feeling for you!!! I could not be happier!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! Walking on sunshine over here for you!!!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!

    You are totally preggers! I got my faint positive at 6dp5dt which is equal to you today. The next day was slightly darker and I got a positive on the digital. CONGRATS!!!