Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 wk 3 days

Feeling good. Less spotting then before. I think it has a lot to do with me being way to crazy at work last week. This week has been more relaxed this week and has felt a lot better.

Extreme exauhstion. hunger constant. No morning sickness but definately a few low blood sugar moments. Baby brain IS REAL, I have mixed up words constantly and forgotten usual things i would def remember. My back hurts a lot quicker after doing a lot of bending. OH and elatedness!!! haha I know its not a word but after seeing my last numbers I am just relaxing in the fact that I AM pregnant and enjoying it completely.

I cant wait for JUNE 1st it is my ultrasound to see if my twins stuck! Also my little sisters graduation and I am so excited for that too!

I am following everyone still just trying to get to everyones blogs to keep up so I am sorry if im not commenting like i used to! Thanks for sticking with me. Praying for your BFPs.

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  1. Glad this week has been easier...keeping m fingers crossed for your u/s!