Thursday, May 19, 2011

2nd beta 4w2d **UPDATED**

was 324. Right on track. I should be happy about this, and I was ...yesterday. Then I woke up and realized I have no more B/w scheduled or anything else for that matter besides my progestrone supplements and a baby asprin everyday until June 1st which is our first ultrasound. And I am so nervous. I struggle and am bending and waving between hopeful and positive and happy enjoy the moment girl, and fear dread pescimistic girl. And this morning when I put in my endometrin there was light pink discharge on the applicator. I hope my cervix is just irratated by the med and this isnt the start of bleeding. I have had no spotting at all. Light cramping but more like twinges really. I am hoping it is normal growing pains.

Should I be having any special avoid misscarage answer panels drawn??
Or should I be having more b/w? Part of me is glad im not so i dont over analyze it. and part of me needs to see it keep rising. I dont know if I can handle another 2ww....

***So I called my nurse and she said she could order me another Blood test to put my mind at ease and separate the wait a bit. So Monday I have another Blood test. Thats a shorter wait. I can handle that.


  1. i am not sure about the miscarriage panels- you may want to ask your RE- but one of the hardest things for me to adjust to is the lack of prenatal appointments/checkups relative to how many we are used to when going through IF. i have sort of gotten used to it now, but it has taken 4 months!!!

  2. Congratulations!!! This 2ww has been hard for me too - my ultrasound is the 31st and it can't get here soon enough!

  3. The Endometrin did the exact same thing to me right after my BFP. The doctor's office explained that your cervix is so swollen with blood that the slightest scratch can give you that light pink spotting. They put me on PIO shots to be ultra ultra safe, but I (and they) were pretty sure that was overkill. I probably would have been fine. That was the only spotting I've had this whole pregnancy (knock on wood).

    I am glad you called for another test. That is a nice compromise. :)

  4. Woot Woot! Grow baby(ies) grow!! Glad to hear they're willing to keep your mind at ease, can't do anything but good for you and the munchkin!!

  5. Great numbers!!! Woohoo!!!! I'm so glad that they're having you come in on Monday for blood work. Praying for health and protection for you all...

  6. Awesome numbers!

    I feel your pain - my first ultrasound is Monday and I've been dying during this wait!!!!!!!!!!!

    FYI I am on endometrin suppositories 3 times a day and I had 24 hours of pink/brown spotting right around 4 weeks - the nurse said it is completely normal!

  7. Wonderful results :))... and great that you can have another earlier :) I've heard that prog can really irritate the cervix... but always call them if you're worried - your nurse sounds very understanding xoxo