Saturday, May 14, 2011


I am trying to put the testing behind me. After much great support and advice. I am once again putting down the stick and hoping and convincing myself that it was just how hydrated I made myself be for baby yesterday (a full 64 oz) When I barely ever get in 8oz. And that I was drinking that water and peeing every 5 min up until ed at 1130 then up only 5 hours later to POAS. So all in all I am truly hoping and making myself believe that I am indeed pregnant with a miracle baby(ies) for us after 3 years struggling to be pregnant and a heartbreaking loss.

I will not be POAS tomorrow or Monday before my Beta. I am praying for a nice strong HIGH beta that MORE THAN DOUBLES. PLEASE GOD. Feel free to pray along...

Also please pray for my Amazing cycle bud Baby Hopes she didn't get the stick result she was hoping for yesterday, but I am praying she gets them tomorrow!!!! Hang in Baby Hopes. xoxo

I have been at work all day, haven't eaten enough, am crampy, and achy, and EXHAUSTED. relaxing with my husband over salad lasagna and a movie.


  1. Sending love and prayers... thanks for the encouragement and support...

  2. Because of dumb blogger, I missed seeing your first announcement! Congrats! I understand the feeling of being cautiously optimistic, but I am feeling so excited and hopeful for you. Take care of yourself and baby(ies) and I will be praying for positive beta numbers!!

  3. I am hoping for good strong doubling betas!!!!

  4. Take good care of yourself these next few days!! Praying for a good report this week! <3